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Photo of Ian Dunkerley on the decks.

Hi and welcome, its been a while since I last had a Website and a lots happened since then, mainly my beautiful daughter who is now 2 years old and growing up so fast, I still can't believe I'm a father.

Anyhow I made this site to bring together all the projects I've been involved with over the years and to act as a portfolio. Have a good look around and if you have some free time drop me some feedback, its always appreciated.

Ian Dunkerley

Graphic Design

First started in the early 90's with Deluxe Paint then Photoshop. These days I use a number of tools including Gimp, Inkscape, Knobman and Skinman.

I have worked with PCDJ to create the default skins for there DJ products and have also done some skinning for Virtual DJ. I have done flyers for local clubs/pubs in my area plus a few logo designs too.

I currently do freelance, so if you need any Logos, Flyers, GUI, Websites or anything else contact me.

Audio Production

I started out making EDM in the early 90's by accident really, I stumbled upon a Tracker program called OctaMED for the Amiga, I put some breakbeats into it and I've been hooked ever since.

My DAW of choice these days is Renoise, which all the tracks below where made with. I will hoperfully soon be uploading some dj/scratch videos to this section so check back soon.